NEW DELHI – While India claims to be the biggest democracy of the world, the minorities continue to live a vulnerable life under the rule of far right wing Bhartia Janta Party (BJP).

According to the website, 75% of India’s largest minority group, Muslims, remain below the poverty line and they also face discrimination based on caste, religion and social group on daily basis.

The report further suggested that literacy rate among Muslim population was found to be around 59% while India’s national figure stands close to 65%. This is an indication of the poor situation among underprivileged Muslims.

Even more alarming fact is that at least 1 among 4 Muslim students aged between 6 to 14 years either has never attended the school or he was dropped out and never went back to the classroom.

Interestingly, over 12% of the Muslim males work as street vendors to earn their livelihood as compared to the national figure which stands at 8% only.