ISTANBUL (Web Desk) – The Turkish man who lay in front of a tank to stop soldiers from taking the nation’s busiest airport has described the incredible moment he braced for death – and inspired a nation.

According to Daily mail, the 40-year-old Metin Dogan didn’t think twice before he put himself in front of a tank and between armed soldiers attempting to take over the country on Friday.

“When I lay down, I aligned my whole body, because I wanted my heart, my brain, and all my organs all to be crushed at once” Metin said.
Metin, who served in the Turkish army himself when he was 30-years-old, said he had no doubt what he was doing was right.

‘I have never voted before in my life – I don’t care which political party of the president, but he is my president and the leader of my country. I won’t allow bullies to take over by force,’ he said.

‘I started yelling; I’m a Turkish soldier, I’m a soldier of this nation, whose soldier are you?,’ he told MailOnline.

Speaking to MailOnline days after the failed power grab that left 290 people dead, Metin is happy to be alive but it’s a reality he didn’t expect.

On realising the tank had stopped he jumped to his feet, frustrated his plan had not worked.

‘I saw a soldier with his head looking out of the tank.

‘He said, “I beg you, I promise we will go if you just move from in front of the tank”.

‘I gave them the option of going over me or going away and they chose to go away,’ he added.

The actions of the valiant civilian have been praised all over the world with #tankman trending on Twitter.