New York (Web Desk) – A former ISIS sex slave on Tuesday urged the US Congress to eliminate the terror group and has asked the Muslim community to denounce ISIS.

According to reports, Nadia Murad, a Yazidi who escaped ISIS captivity in 2014, asked the Senate Homeland Security committee to take stern action against ISIS.

“Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons. The Yazidi people cannot wait,” she said.

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Assisted by a translator, Nadia recalled the brutality with which ISIS had killed her six brothers and mother on the same day. She also explained how she and thousands of other Yazidi women had been enslaved and raped by ISIS captors.

Murad stressed the need for the international community to establish a safe and protected zone for Iraqi and Syrian religious minorities.

Speaking about the Middle East’s Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities, she warned that “if they are not protected they will be wiped out.” Yazidis are ethnic Kurds who follow an ancient religion and live mostly in Iraq.

Murad said she escaped to Mosul after gaining freedom. Here, a Muslim family helped her obtain fake Islamic identification that enabled her to fled ISIS territory.

“I was freed, but I do not (have) the feeling of freedom because those who have committed these crimes have not been held accountable,” she said.

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Nadia Murad also condemned the Orlando Pulse club shooting that took 49 lives but she said she was not surprised by it because of what she observed in ISIS captivity. She also called on the Islamic community around the globe to do more to denounce ISIS.

“What has been happening has been happening under the name of Islam,” she said. “The Muslims must be the first ones to resist this,” she urged.

A UN report released last week estimated that ISIS holds about 3,500 slaves and that the terror group continues to subject women and children to sexual violence, particularly in the form of sexual slavery.