LONDON – Theresa May’s keynote conference speech has been interrupted by a protester who handed her a P45, usually handed to employees when they are sacked, as she addressed party members in Manchester.

The disturbance disrupted the Prime Minister mid-flow.

The man has been labelled a “legend” on Twitter.

May was forced to repeat her lines as the man ran around to the front row to stage his protest – before handing her a huge P45.

The P45 gave reasons for her termination as “neither strong or stable,” mocking her robotically repetitive election slogan, and “we’re a bit worried about Jezza,” in reference to the growing popularity of the Labour leader.

The total “tax to date box” was filled in with “ask Phillip,” either in reference to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, or May’s own businessman husband, who is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies.

The request was “signed” by Boris Johnson.

The protester headed straight for Johnson, who was sitting in the front rows, before shouting angrily at him.

As he left the room the comedian shouted: “Boris Johnson made me do it!”

“Boris has left me in the lurch!”

May was forced to come to an abrupt stop as Tory fans jeered and shouted for security to remove him.