NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Although sharks seem more frightening owing to their prodigious size but world’s richest man gets scared by the teeny weeny mosquitos, it has been reported.

I.T mogul Bill Gates in a recent blog post expressed that mosquitos scare him more than sharks and to vindicate his point, he put forth a data revealing that the mosquitos killed more humans than sharks for the year 2015.

Bill, who is currently harnessing his skills to make this world polio-free presented a comprehensive report on the “World’s Deadliest Animals”.

According to the report, a huge amount 1,537,166 of humans were killed by animals and among those 8,30000 were mosquito related deaths.

On the other hand, the apparently deadly shark took only 6 lives.

The 60-year-old entrepreneur also uploaded a short video to aware people of the hazards of the mosquito.