DOHA (Web Desk) – American ambassador in Qatar officially apologised on Thursday after a video was posted online in which US soldiers were laughing , allegedly insulting the emirate’s flag.

According to details, the American soldiers were stationed in the Gulf. The ambassador Dana Shell Smith took to twitter to apologise.

She called on the US forces to examine the incident. She was summoned by Qatar´s foreign ministry.

“I have presented my apology to the government of Qatar and instructed the US military command to investigate the incident and take disciplinary action,” she said on social media.

“My dear followers, please be assured that those soldiers were making fun of themselves and not the state of Qatar.”

The ambassador also added that Qatar was a “staunch ally and an old friend”.

The film shows a female and male soldier in fatigues standing in front of US and Qatari flags.

The duo is shown joking and laughing, saying they are being filmed at an “unknown dislocation”.

The male soldier then says they are “in a place called ummm”, and points to the Qatari flag. The woman soldier repeats the word “ummm”.

This is not clear when or where the short video was filmed.

The Qatar’s foreign ministry also took to twitter to say it was in quest of answers from the US over the actions of the soldiers.

The ambassador “was asked for an explanation of the contents of that video”, it said. Qatar, where insulting its flag is a serious offence, hosts the largest American air base outside of the United States.

Al-Udeid base is a home to around 10,000 military personnel.