Trump’s reckless threats can cause WWIII, says top Republican lawmaker

  • The Trump-Corker feud erupted on Sunday morning, before Trump went golfing

WASHINGTON – A top Republican lawmaker, on Sunday, warned that President Donald Trump’s threats against other countries could set U.S “on the path to World War III,”. He made the comment during an unusually aggressive and public feud between the pair on Twitter.

Bob Corker, while talking to The New York Times, said, “He concerns me. He would have to concern anyone who cared about our nations.”

Bob Corker, who chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, slammed the president for running his office like a “reality show”. The public spat between the former allies could also erode Trump’s legislative agenda, with Corker’s vote vital to the fate of the Iran nuclear deal and passing tax reform.

The drama flared up in Sunday morning out of nowhere, when Trump tweeted that Corker had decided against running for re-election because he lacked the “guts,” to which the senator replied that the White House had become an “adult daycare center”. Trump headed to a nearby golf course, afterwards.

Corker, a respected moderate who once supported Trump, has emerged in recent months as one of the president’s most outspoken Republican critics. He isn’t the only one to speak against Trump in public. U.S defense Secretary, James Mattis recently contradicted Trump on Iran nuclear deal too.

Mattis contradicts his boss Trump on Iran Deal

Trump called Corker a “negative voice” who would “stand in the way of our great agenda”, during this feud on Twitter.

The Trump-Corker feud, long in the making, started to get exposed last week.