ANKARA – Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag Wednesday confirmed that authorities have formally detained some 32,000 people in post failed coup attempt developments.

In an interview with Turkish TV, Bozdag said a total of 70,000 people faced legal proceedings since July. Most of them were taken into custody on the suspicion of links with Gulen movement.

He further revealed that Turkey would construct a new courthouse in the town of Sincan near Ankara to meet the requirements to prosecute such a large number of people.

A military group tried to overthrow President Recept Tayyip Erdogan on July, however, the bid was foiled by pro-Erdogan forces and the common people.

Erdogan ordered crackdown against those involved in the coup attempt when he resurfaced among public after hours of violence in Ankara and Istanbul.

He blamed US-based Turkish cleric Fathullah Gulen for order the coup and demanded the United STates to extradite him. Gulen denied the allegation.