ANKARA (Web Desk) – While experts are trying to resolve the mystery behind the EgyptAir MS804 crash in the Mediterranean sea, two Turkish airline pilots have claimed they saw a UFO flying over their plane just an hour before the Egyptair crash.

According to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, the pilots spotted the unidentified flying object with green lights at an altitude of 17,000 feet, some 500 miles away from the location where A320 plunged into the sea.

The pilots said that while they were passing over the Turkish capital’s Silivri district, they saw an unidentified object with green lights pass 2,000 feet to 3,000 feet above their passenger jet. They conveyed this information to the control room as well.

“Then it disappeared all of a sudden. We are guessing that it was a UFO,” one of the pilots have been quoted as saying.

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority also confirmed the information provided by the pilots, saying that they did find something on their radars that could be linked to what the Turkish pilots have described.

EgyptAir MS804, Airbus A320, crashed in the Mediterranean sea last Thursday, killing all 66 people on board, while it was flying from Paris to Cairo.

Investigators are still looking for the possible reason behind crash. Information available so far suggests that pilot had rung smoke alarms just ahead of the tragic accident.