LONDON (Web Desk) – The Islamic students’ society at Jihadi John’s former university is dominated by hardline, ultra-conservative believers who refuse to even speak to female Muslim staff, a report has found.

 But, despite this, a series of complaints about the University of Westminster Islamic society – many from Muslims – were ignored or underplayed over fears of appearing Islamophobic, reported Mail Online.

 British Islamic State militant Mohammed Emwazi – known as Jihadi John – was a graduate of the university. He was named as the masked figure who appeared in a series of Isis videos in which British, US and other hostages were beheaded.

University officials tacitly tolerated a ‘sometimes hostile or intimidatory’ attitude to women on the campus, a situation the report criticised as ‘totally unacceptable’.

Islamic society committee members would refuse to engage with female Muslim staff, the study concludes, obliging these to seek help from male colleagues to communicate with the group.

The University of Westminster commissioned the report into its balance between free speech and diversity in the wake of concerns about extremism on its campuses.