NEW DELHI – While the ‘Incredible India’ is signing multi-billion dollars defence and business deals with the US, its people are dying in a most tragic and inhuman ways.

In the world’s biggest democracy, where leaders like Narendra Modi come in power using the popular vote, masses are even denied their basic rights.

Recently, in Uttar Pradesh, an ailing boy died on his father’s shoulder in Kanpur city after the government-run Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital (LLR) denied admitting him.

Recently, in Uttar Pradesh, an ailing boy died on his father’s shoulder in Kanpur city of on Monday after the government-run Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital(LLR) allegedly denied admitting him.

The emergency section of the hospital refused to admit 12-year-old Ansh and asked his father, Sunil Kumar, to take him to a children’s hospital.

Further, Kumar was not even provided a stretcher to carry his son to the children’s hospital, which is 250 meters away from LLR, India Today reported on Tuesday.

According to media reports, Kumar had to wait for at least half an hour before the staff at LLR hospital denied admitting his son. After half an hour, they asked Kumar to take his son to a children’s hospital.

Kumar then rushed to the children’s hospital, carrying Ansh on his shoulders. But sadly, he was too late.

The doctors at the children’s hospital declared Ansh dead on arrival.

Even then, nobody came for help. The poor father had to again carry his now dead son on his shoulders all the way back. The boy was down with high fever since Sunday.

This incident comes merely days after a video showing a tribal man in Odisha, carrying his dead wife on his shoulders, went viral. It was reported that the authorities did not help him and he was compelled to walk 10 km carrying his dead wife.

In another incident, a woman’s body had to be broken at the hip so that men could carry it on a bamboo pole.