DHAKA (Web Desk) – In another incident of mob justice in Bangladesh, a Hindu teacher was assaulted and punished by locals yesterday for allegedly insulting Islam.

According to The Daily Star newspaper, a leading English daily of Bangladesh, Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, principal of Piyar Sattar Latif High School in the district’s Bandar area told BBC Bangla service that the locals were provoked by the false accusations about him disparaging their religion.

The report further states that Shyamal was rescued by the police after he was beaten up by the mob and punished by being forced to do sit-ups while holding his ears.

Narayanganj MP Selim Osman, who was also present at the time Shyamal was being punished, said that the punishment was the only way to save the latter from the mob.

Shyamal, meanwhile, denied the claim that he had used abusive language against Islam.

He also accused some people in school management of holding grudges against him and using the incident to settle personal scores against him.