BEIJING (News Desk) – Responding to a statement of US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter in which he blamed Beijing for creating a great wall of self-isolation, China has categorically stated that it has no interest in “playing a role in a Hollywood movie” of Washington’s design.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, accused the United States of harboring a cold-war mentality and said that Ashton Carter’s recent comments had exposed US plans to increase its military in the Asia-Pacific region.

She said that China had no interest at all in engaging in a cold war with America, nor was the country interested in featuring in a “Hollywood movie” written and directed by a few US military officials.

She also vowed that China would counter any actions threatening its sovereignty and security in the region.

Earlier on Friday, US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter had said that China had benefited from free trade and a free internet in other nations, while restricting both in its own territory.