WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – The White House has dismissed the latest statement of Donald Trump, one of the runners to participate in US Presidential Election in 2016, in which he called for a ban on all Muslims from entering United States.

In a statement the White House said that Trump’s latest demand is part of his presidential campaign which purely based on ‘fear and weaknesses’ of US nationals.

Mr Donald Trump have been making such enraged statement to intensify the fear of Americans to build a strong support for his campaign, it said.

According to New York Times, Trump had stated “I love the Muslims” in September this year, the month which marked 14th anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

However in the latest statement the presidential aspirant seems to have gone at 180 degree where he demanded a complete ban on Muslims in United States until the authorities can figure out what was going on actually.

When asked what factors have pushed him to make the call, Trump responded in a single word “Death.”