ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – To remember the invaluable role of fathers play in the lives of children, World Father’s Day is being marked across the globe today.

A father, usually called as daddy, abba jaan, abu, papa, dad, abi and baba is a God’s angel in human disguise send down to earth to make our lives heavenly and blissful.

He is not only a father but a protector, a friend, an ideal, an authority, a support, a shelter and much more.

Everyday we watch superman, batman, Spiderman, Ironman and many more and get thrilled and crazy by their super powers and become their admirers as how they save the day.

But in our so busy lives and backbreaking routines we forget the importance of our ultimate super heroes who not only save a day but save our whole life, reported a private news channel.

So, there comes the day to make them know what big stars they are in our lives and that’s `Father’s Day’ celebrated allover on the third Sunday of June.

Honor your fathers and love them as their existence is irreplaceable and inevitable. Dad! I love you.