RIYADH – Saudi media reported that eighteen pilgrims have been injured in a stampede near Islam’s holiest site, the Grand Mosque in Makkah, as Muslims gathered in large numbers to mark the Night of Destiny, one of the most sacred nights during the month of Ramadan. The incident comes as Saudi authorities continue to unveil new safety measures for this year’s Hajj in September.

The incident happened on Friday night, according to the Al-Riyadh newspaper. All the injured were treated at the scene and none needed to be taken to hospital, Al-Arabiya reported.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock to Makkah to carry out the lesser Umra pilgrimage during Ramadan – especially during its last 10 days.

Newspapers reported on Friday that, among new security measures, Hajj pilgrims this year will have to wear an electronic safety bracelet to store their personal information, including address and medical records.

The hajj and umra pilgrimages bring millions of Muslims to the holy places in Saudi Arabia every year.