About Us

Daily Pakistan has been in publication for 22 years and has become one of the top newspapers of Pakistan. With a circulation of over 500,000 daily for the hard-copy newspaper, and more than 50 million views per month for our online version http://dailypakistan.com.pk Daily Pakistan has become one of the most widely read newspapers in the region. We are ranked among the top 3 news sites in Pakistan on Alexa and have a far wider reach than any of our competitors.

Headed by senior journalist, Mr Mujib ur Rehman Shami, Daily Pakistan has a strong network of journalists and reporters throughout the country that cover everything from Crime to Politics and Entertainment. We have a strong tradition of hard-hitting and impactful journalism which has kept us in a leadership position in the industry despite our comparatively small size.

From being the first newspaper in Pakistan to be printed in color, to Hamid Mir’s groundbreaking interview with Osama Bin Laden we have historically striven to be innovative and go beyond everyone else to provide our readers with the most important facts. We bring the same leadership to online and continue to use innovative techniques and methods.

It is our promise to readers that we will bring them facts, unbiased, untainted facts – even if they make a lot of people uncomfortable.