Gold Rates Pakistan

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today is Rs215,900 per single Tola for 24 karat gold and Rs185,100 per 10 gram for 24 karat gold. On 27 February 2024, the 22 Karat Gold price stands at Rs.202,307, 21 karat rate at Rs193,113 and 18k gold rate at Rs 165525 for each tola.

Gold Rate 24 Karat 22 Karat 21 Karat 18 Karat 12 Karat
Gold Price per tola Rs.215,900 Rs. 202719 Rs.193506 Rs.165863 Rs.110575
Gold per 10 Gram Rs.173799 Rs.173450 Rs.165900 Rs.142200 Rs.94800
Gold price per Gram Rs.18,510 Rs.17380 Rs.16590 Rs.14220 Rs.9480
Gold per Ounce Rs.541,280 Rs. 492714 Rs.470321 Rs.403133 Rs.268755

Note: The above-mentioned prices of gold today is quoted from the data shared by Sarafa Jewelers Association and the International Gold Market.

Daily Pakistan presented live gold prices to give exact figures to consumers, traders, and investors. At DP portal, you will get updated gold rates in real-time which are monitored for accuracy.

Here you can find gold prices per gram for various purities including 24k, 22k, 21k, 18k, and 14k, as well as gold prices per ounce, tola, and kilogram.

Rs. 215,900 


Rs. 185,100


Today Gold Price in Pakistan

The price of yellow metal varies across Pakistani cities. Daily Pakistan has put together the gold price in metric units in several cities in Pakistan.

City wise Prices across Pakistan Lowest Price Highest Price
Gold Rate in Lahore Rs.215,900 Rs.215,900
Gold Rate in Karachi Rs.215,900 Rs.215,900
Gold Rate in Islamabad Rs.215,900 Rs.215,900
Gold Rate in Peshawar Rs.215,900 Rs.215,900
Gold Rate in Quetta Rs.215,900 Rs.215,900

Gold remained most expensive metals in Pakistan and parts of the world. The metal is top pick for the prime investment. Amid the huge price increase, people continue to buy gold not in the form of jewellery, but as investment.

Gold rates in Pakistan keep changing in light of multiple factors like strength of the US dollar, international market condition, leaving varying impact from region to region and it mainly depends on demand and supply.

Gold prices in Pakistan are sensitive to global economic conditions and can be vary as per different socio-economic developments.

Some of the leading factors behind gold prices are Supply and Demand, Inflation, Interest Rates, Currency Strength, Geopolitical Events and Bank Policies.

Convert Gold per Gram to Tola

Tola Gram Trading
1 Tola 11.66 grams 12 grams
2 Tola 23.32 grams 24 grams
3 Tola 34.99 grams 36 grams
4 Tola 46.65 grams 48 grams
5 Tola 58.13 grams 60 grams

Note: Daily Pakistan is not involved in sale, purchase or trading of gold. We are not not affiliated with any gold dealer association so it doesn't provide gold trading selling, buying or jewellery manufacturing facility.

Gold Prices in International Market

For generations all around the world, gold has been associated with wealth, and its advantages as an investment remain relevant today. This is particularly true in difficult economic times, when gold tends to shine as an asset and called safe haven because of its inherent qualities that help investors reduce portfolio risk and hedge against inflation.
Furthermore, actual gold—such as coins and bars—has always retained its value, making it a wise investment for a lot of people. Nevertheless, short-term fluctuations in the price of gold are possible and will occur, so it's essential to monitor them if you wish to purchase gold at the optimal moment.

What is the price of gold in International Market today?

The price of gold as of February 27, 2024, is $2038 per ounce.

Convert Gold per ounce to grams

Tola Gram Trading
1 ounce 31.1 grams 12 grams
2 Tola 62.2 grams 24 grams
3 Tola 93.31 grams 36 grams
4 Tola 124.41 grams 48 grams
5 Tola 155.51 grams 60 grams

Elements that affect the price of gold

The spot price of gold can be affected by a variety of variables, such as Supply and demand, Economic conditions, Inflation, Interest rates, Geopolitical uncertainty, Changes in exchange rates, Market sentiment, Central bank policies and other factors.


What is the Price of per tola gold in Lahore today?

Today on February 27, the gold price in Lahore per tola is Rs215,900.

What is price of 1 gram gold in Pakistan?

Today price of 1 gram Gold in Pakistan is 18,510.

What is latest gold rate in Pakistan today?

On Feb 27, the price of gold rate stands at Rs215,900 per tola and price of 10 grams is Rs185,100.

What is the rate of 24K gold in Pakistan?

As per the latest rate by Sarafa association, the price of 24K Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs185,100 per 10 grams.

What is Latest price of 22 carat gold in Pakistan?

Currently, the price of 22 carat Gold is Rs.202719.

What is Latest Gold biscuit price in Pakistan in 2023?

Gold biscuit of 187 grams costs Rs3,450,150 per 24K per tola.

How much is a Tola in Pakistan?

Per tola price stands at Rs215,900

How many tola gold in Grams?

There are 11.7 grams of gold in single Tola in Pakistan