Hello readers!

This is Faryal Ashfaq from Its Raining Heels and I’m a crazy fashion enthusiast! Blogging is a journey I stepped on about a year ago, and it’s a way I get to channel my passion everyday! Some people do it for money, some do it for fame. For me, it has purely been interest-driven.

So why fashion? From being very picky about my outfit choices since a very young age to sketching ramp stars in my free time, I’ve always been attracted to style and being confident in my own. Take a look around you; everything revolves around fashion. It is not only a way to express yourself; it also allows you to see colors in a black and white world. Whether you’re a vintage lover or a completely punk-rock chic, you are your own muse. Do not let anyone take away our sparkle!

So in this horrible heat, what does a fashionista do? There is still some time to go before autumn kicks in.

Fight the sunlight with a pair of sassy sunglasses like a total diva! Dare to make a statement with some oversized cat-eye shades?

Make it SACRED to lather up sunblock before you go out, all year round actually. Your skin will thank you for it.

Ruffles, flares, and knots are all everyone is rocking these days, so flaunt those breezy outfits before sweater weather approaches! Choose lightweight natural fabrics over synthetic ones, perhaps a flowy maxi dress?

Small cross-body bags over large totes! Strappy sandals never fail to look super cute. Got long hair? Topknots will definitely do the trick!

Personally, I’m not a fan of the endless layers of highlighter everyone is ‘poppin’ their cheekbones with. In my opinion it only looks like a sweaty mess. I prefer one swift stroke of glow, and I’m good to go!

Keep these small hacks in mind, and you’ll slay for the rest of the summer like a pro! Be sure to check out my Instagram blog @itsrainingheels. I’d love to receive feedback; how many of these tips work wonders for you, do you have some more? Let me know!

With vogue and love,
Faryal 💓