Popular TV Anchor and show host for ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ Fahad Mustafa, who recently became the talk of town with his lead role in movie ‘Actor In Law’, claimed that he would not hide feelings for his wife just to stay in the industry.

“If I have to hide my feelings for her to stay in this industry then I’d rather say farewell,” claimed the lovebird, in an interview to Fifi Haroon, an author at the Express Tribune.

“I don’t have friends. Sana (Fahad) has known me since I was 19 so basically, we’ve grown up together. She’s the only true friend I have,” he further added.

Fahad Mustafa stated that he is not in favour of the fact that certain characters and roles are frowned upon in our industry, and the same Pakistani actors go out of country to do those roles in international movies and receive world-wide acclaim.

“If our actors can go out and do certain characters in another industry and then that film is allowed in Pakistan without any issue then why can’t we do such stories in our own industry. I’m sure, f I would’ve even thought about touching that topic over here 10 fatway lag jatay.”