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KARACHI (Web Desk) – Although stray cats are rarely loved and fed but a woman in Karachi is loving and feeding almost three dozen stray cats everyday.

Residing in Gulshan area of Metropolis, the lady is of the view that cats are more loveable than humans. Reportedly, the cat lover lady is feeding cats from last 17 years.

According to Dawn News, the lady once fed a cat near by and then it became a routine for her. She never misses to give food to kitties that start gathering outside her house shortly after sunset.

Disclosing the details, the old lady expressed that the uneducated locals praise her for feeding the cats but on the flip side the educated ones don’t like her.

The lady never skips a day. She says she doesn’t go for iftari or anywhere else at this time. She doesn’t even go for performing religious rituals. The only time she missed attending to the cats was when her leg was broken but even then she arranged someone to look after the felines.