LONDON – Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya who resisted the Green Shirts in a high-octane clash of Champions Trophy made a controversial tweet hours leading commentators to speculate whether he accused his fellows of match-fixing.

“Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahan dum tha (We were looted by one of us, why blame others),” he wrote in his tweet, which was deleted shortly afterwards.

Pandya, who scored 76 runs against Pakistan on a mere 43 balls was sent to the pavilion after he engaged in a  goof up with his partner Jadeja that made him furious.

Mixup betwwen Jadeja and Pandya

But Panda who looked visibly upset over the run out that paved the way for Pakistan’s triumph took his frustration to a next level on the microblogging site and accused his team members of showing dismal performance considering Pakistan an easy enemy.

Although Pandya’s tweet is most likely about Jadeja who could be blamed for his run-out at a time when he was steering India in the best possible manner, but a dropped catch of Fakhar Zaman could also be on his mind.

Fakhar, who thrashed Indian bowlers by scoring a century in the crucial encounter, was given a breather at 3 after Jasprit Bumrah got him caught behind on a no-ball.

While Pandya was disgusted and upset for not being able to earn the title, Indian captain Virat Kohli had a different opinion about his team performance and especially of Pandya as he said: “Everyone who plays for the country is committed to the team. He is passionate and he felt he was in the zone where he thought he could have done something special for the team today.”