BELARUS: The President of Belarus must still be wondering what exactly he told his fellow countrymen that inspired them to go to work naked the next day and post pictures of the act online.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, had earlier urged the masses to work diligently and  “roll up their sleeves” for work.

He was addressing the country on his and the country’s many supposed successes. “Innovations, IT technologies, privatisation — it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them,” he told Belarusians, in Russian. “But all our life is in simple things,” he went on, “we should get undressed and work.”

What he apparently meant to say was “we should develop, and work.” But in Russian, the word “raz-VI-vatsa” means “develop” — and the word “raz-DE-vatsa” means “disrobe”. In what was interpreted by some as a Freudian slip, he pronounced the second word.

Soon after his message was misinterpreted, people started posting pictures of themselves butt naked at their places of work.

The hilarious stream of pictures even includes strategically placed file covers, boxes and computer screens, which people have used to make sure their posts on social media were not blocked.