ADEN – As many as 49 Yemeni soldiers were killed on Sunday when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a gathering in the southern city of Aden.

The suicide bomber targeted a congregation of soldiers gathered to collect their salaries at a base in northeastern Aden. The attack left over 50 injured as well.

More than 10,000 soldiers were queuing to receive their salaries near the commander’s house when the attack took place, the spokesman of Aden’s police office Abdurrahman Al Naqeeb said.

‘Some of the soldiers entered to receive their salaries, while others remained outside the fence of the house, and then the suicide bomber attacked the soldiers and detonated his explosive belt,’ Mr Al Naqeeb said.

Hours after the attack, ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) claimed responsibility of it.

The camp where the explosion took place today (Sunday) is the same military base that was struck by a suicide bomber on Dec. 10, killing 57 soldiers.