Whatsapp latest feature allows users to control unwanted notifications

02:36 PM | 26 Jan, 2018
Whatsapp latest feature allows users to control unwanted notifications
CALIFORNIA – Facebook-owned smart messaging service WhatsApp introduced a new feature to organise notifications by importance and block the unwanted notifications.

WhatsApp offers 10 notification channel categories, which users can control individually.

  • Group Notifications
  • Message Notifications
  • Chat History Backup
  • Critical App Alerts
  • Failure Notifications
  • Media Playback
  • Uncategorised
  • Other Notifications
  • Sending Media
  • Silent Notifications

Each category contains several different options users can turn notifications for each category on or off or mark them as

  • Urgent (make sound and pop up on screen)
  • High priority (make a sound)
  • Medium priority (no sound)
  • Low priority (no sound or visual interruption)

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The new feature also offers different sound for each notification and allow the user to control notification content appear on smartphone lock screen.

To access these categories tap and hold the WhatsApp notification and select Category from the options that appear.

The feature was first spotted by Android Police, which reports that it’s currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp.