Rina Amiri named US special envoy for Afghan women

08:29 PM | 29 Dec, 2021
Rina Amiri named US special envoy for Afghan women

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday named former US official Rina Amiri as a special envoy for Afghan women, girls and human rights.

Taking to Twitter, Blinken welcomed Rina Amiri back to State Department with hope that over two decades of expertise and specialized knowledge Rina has "will advance our vital work toward a more peaceful, stable, and secure Afghanistan for all."

Under former President Barack Obama, she served as a senior adviser to the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In her latest article, Amiri wrote that "there is no moral high ground in policies that lead to the starving of the Afghan people. The Taliban, regional and int. powers must engage in diplomacy, take risks, and make difficult compromises to prevent a catastrophic sit. in Afghanistan."


The appointment comes more than four months after the Taliban overran the country as the former Western-backed government collapsed and the last US troops withdrew after 20 years of war.

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