LAHORE – A decrease of 23 percent has been observed in cement export in September recording its current level at 0.401 million tonnes, while its year-on-year sale went up by 10 percent to 2.798 million tonnes during the same month,

As per the data of All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA), the sales of the product were stood at 2.536 million tonnes and exports at 0.523 million tonnes during the same period of last year.

APCMA spokesperson showed concerns regarding decline int exports, particularly from Southern part of the country that is much closer to the seaport.

The sales of cement has increased by 1.77 percent to 0.431 million tonnes in southern region of country, while a decline of 39.63 percent to 0.093 million tonnes has been registered.

In northern region, the sales up by 12.05 percent to 2.367 million tonnes, besides witnessing a decrease of 16.27 percent to 0.308 million tonnes in exports.

As a whole, the sales and exports of cement observed upwards trend by 4.61 percent to 3.199 million tonnes in September 2017 as compare to same month of 2016.

APCMA said the industry dispatched 1.348 million tonnes of cement during first quarter (July-September) of fiscal year 2017-18 by using 88.18 percent capacity of installed production. It hoped to surpass the 40 million tonnes level during the running financial year.

The northern region sales in local market during first quarter rose by 22.83 percent to 7.522 million tonnes over the last year. However, its exports were down 7.41 percent to 0.953 million tonnes during the three months.

In southern region, the manufacturers sold 1.539 million tonnes cement in domestic market registering 17.76 percent increase over the first quarter of last year. The exports from the region decreased 35.22 percent to 0.334 million tonnes.

The industry’s spokesperson said cement production can be increased but there is need of increasing exports.