Television, film actor, producer and now the most favorite host of Pakistan with one of the highest TRPs as compared to all other shows, Fahad Mustafa has made his name amongst fans with a huge following all over the world.

Recently, he was asked in an interview how he managed to host a top-rated TV game show and a production house. He replied: “I understand what people want to see, I am not disdainful towards them. Rather, I become one with them and they appreciate this. I am the only actor in Pakistan to have reached this level of popularity without having had to prove my mettle by going to India. If there were only a few more actors like myself, we wouldn’t even need to bother with Bollywood.

Fahad is currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie Na Maloom Afraad. He is also set to star in the sequel of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

Apart from being one of the topmost names in Pakistani showbiz, he is an amazing person and an absolute superstar. All of his movies have proved to be huge blockbusters and his game show is the most viewed reality game show in Pakistan.