LONDON – British MPs voted to reject the UK leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement under any circumstances, on Wednesday.

The lawmakers voted 321 to 278 in favor of an amendment to rule out a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances, increasing the likelihood of delaying the process, though uncertainty still looms over the future of ties between the UK and the European Union.

“This House rejects the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship,” the amendment read.

Following the fresh vote, British premier, Theresa May said the government could continue negotiations or have a second referendum, but this would damage the trust between the British public and the House.

The EU has been clear that the deal on the table is the only one available, the PM said and added that Andrea Leadsom will make an emergency business statement shortly, which will include a motion on a short-limited technical extension to Article 50.

“Such a short technical extension is only likely to be on offer if a deal is in place,” she shared and announced that the MPs will vote Thursday on an extension of Article 50.

Following the rejection of a no-deal Brexit Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said MPs ruled-out both a no-deal Brexit and the prime minister’s deal, contending that extending Article 50 was inevitable.

“Let us find a solution to deal with the crisis facing this country and the deep concerns it faces,” he said and added that parliament must now take control of the situation.