#MSMS3 - My Suzuki My Story Season 3

04:15 PM | 27 Jun, 2022
#MSMS3 - My Suzuki My Story Season 3

A journey that just takes you to a destination might be smooth and fast, but a journey where you struggle, face delays, and do things unplanned leave us with life-long lessons and of course memories. It will be worth looking back to cherish the time you spent or the moments that are now special to you.

Memories are always something special you keep in your mind. Bitter or sweet, memories are something we all actively or passively gather in our minds for as long as we can remember. You only realize it when you share it, recall it. While meeting an old friend from school, bumping into your old neighbor at a mart, or just by looking at old photographs.

Suzuki is currently working on an innovative platform called "My Suzuki My Story" in order to help users remember the best moments they've had with Suzuki and driving their cars. Suzuki has been quite successful in attracting a lot of attention with this platform in recent years. My Suzuki story has become the country's dominant source of exposure for talented individuals from all walks of life.

Interestingly, this year's "My Suzuki My Story" Season 3 aims to scale up and reach a massive audience, as they've already attracted influencers and content creators like Ukhano, Ali Gul Pir, and Bekaar Films as per their respective expertise. Young people and those eager to make an impact through stories worth hearing are increasingly taking part in creating or crafting heart-warming memories because the contest does not end with a single winner.

Suzuki was generous enough to reward the winners of the My Suzuki My Story competition with Alto 660cc, Gixxer, GS150, and more. This year, Suzuki has decided to take it up a few levels by adding the all-new Suzuki Swift to the prize list along with Alto 660cc, Gixxer, and GS150.

The eagerly awaited competition is now live and you can easily be a part of it by submitting your entries in any format such as movie, vlog, story, song, or even illustration, to their official website http://www.mysuzukimystory.com.pk and get to be one of the lucky winners of My Suzuki My Story Season 3.