Campus Life

Like every year, ‘Sports at Lums’ and ‘Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreations’ hosted the ‘Lums Annual Games’, which provide the student community an opportunity to showcase their sporting talents in a number of sports.

Lums Annual Games is a three-tier event comprising of an Inte-School event, a faculty and staff event and the Lums Annual Marathon.


The four schools of Lums: HSS, SDSB, SSE and SAHSOL come head to head.

The participation was not only limited to students as a great number of faculty members also took part in the events!

Over 200 Faculty and staff participants participated, the highest since the start of the first Annual Lums Games.

The student participation was more than 3000, divided in the various sports teams. In the Marathon, almost 100 people took part.


The audience witnessed a number of nail biting contests!

The event was full of stories of resilience, commitment and hard work. There was heartbreak, there was joy but above all there was an atmosphere of healthy competition.