Lahore (Web Desk) Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar has said that all dues of PSO has been paid through proper channel.
While addressing media men, he said the allegations which are going to be leveled against the ministry of finance are rumours which have nothing to do with reality.
He added that the minister of petroleum will hold a press conference and justify his stance regarding the current crisis.
He also made it clear that there is also rise in consumption of petrol and it was responsibility of the ministry to keep in view such things; so that such horrible situation may be avoided.
He said that due to raise in consumption of petroleum products, its stock should have been increased so that the system may be kept in running order but the related ministry did not show their responsible in this regard.
While clarifying his stance, he said the finance minister is bound to see the list of expenditures and then issue its budget. So far as monitoring of petroleum issues are concerned, it is not my responsibility as there are dozens of oil companies which are related to the ministry of petroleum not with ministry of finance.