In this day and age with all the talk about privacy and the ease with which people can snoop into our lives, we’re sure you get curious at one point or the other as to the many number of ways people can end up spying on you. Whether it’s by snooping on our conversations or running message traces through our private data, there are different ways in which one can invade our privacy. Secretly recording us on video is one of them, and you can’t escape from a situation as dire as that, no matter how lucky you are!

As far-fetched as it may sound, hidden cameras have been found in some clothing brands’ changing rooms within the country. Outbreaks of lawn fever heavily assisted by the worsening humid conditions in Pakistan mean that huge hordes of the female population turn to well-reputed and local brands (we will choose to remain quiet about their identity for now) as a means of a guilt-free escape. A number of girls have recently come out of some stores’ dressing rooms complaining that they felt they were being watched. It’s probably all just paranoia, but then again, you never know.

Here is the latest update on the situation.

ALARM: Hidden cameras in changing rooms found! What's the solution to stay safe? #Awareness #Girls #Wakeup #Warning

Publicado por FHM Pakistan em Sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

A girl has taken to social media in a viral video to express her sentiments and create awareness on the alarming issue that encroaches on our privacy and personal space. Speaking on the matter in hand that has disturbed her own mental peace as well as her friends’, she quotes that owners, as well as employees, plot with each other to give heed to the merciless crime by ‘installing screw-sized cameras inside holes in walls that are almost impossible to detect; recordings from these cameras are then copied to CDs and spread around publicly’.

What we need is a way to find hidden cameras, so we may be able to expose the perpetrators of this crime and make them accountable for their cruel actions.

A quick tip: Purchase a wireless camera detector from the Internet or from a local electronic store, or better yet, use a spy camera detector gadget for finding hidden spy cameras!