INDIA (Web desk) – Famous Indian actress, Sonarika Bhadoria, the 23-year-old who  portrayed Goddess Parvati from the mythological show Devo Ka Dev… Mahadev has been targeted by some social media users for posting bikini clad pictures online.


After the pictures she posted went viral, internet trolls began berating her for what she was wearing, apparently taking offense to the fact that the actress who had once played the Goddess Parvati was now scantily clad in public.

Although the actress remained unapologetic for her pictures, she still had to delete them on account of the outpouring of criticism directed towards her. However, after receiving support from well-wishers online, she decided to re-post her bikini shots.

Retaliating to the criticism she said, “I thought today’s generation is mature enough to separate an actor’s personal life from their professional life and they would understand that we also have our own life.”

However, those who targeted her felt that she should have respected the role she once played as a Hindu goddess by refraining from flaunting her body in public.