Eid was 'a period of mourning rather than of celebration'

04:18 PM | 1 Jun, 2020
Eid was 'a period of mourning rather than of celebration'

For many of us, life has changed, dramatically, in ways we couldn’t have predicted a couple of months ago.

Even Saba Qamar is experiencing the same as she wasn’t feeling the usual festive vibe this Eidul Fitr as well.

The Baaghi star’s fans were excitedly waiting for her Eid look, but were left disappointed when Saba didn’t post anything on social media.

Now, after almost a week, she took to Instagram to share a few pictures explaining what Eid was like this year. In a series of posts, Saba shared, “For those of you who asked and waited for my Eid pictures, I didn’t have it within me to celebrate and dress up for Eid this time. Eid this year was different, it was difficult. It was a period of mourning rather than a period of celebration.”


She added, “My heart ached, my body ached thinking about those we’ve lost in the crash and those who are suffering due to this pandemic.”

The Cheekh actor also shared what she did on the Eid day. “I woke up, offered my prayers and spent the day holding my family close to myself, grateful for my blessings but yet so scared.”


Thanking the designers who put in effort to design her Eid outfits, she continued, “I love my designer friends, who put in so much love to customise Eid outfits for me but I love them more for understanding that I didn’t have it within me to celebrate knowing so many of us were mourning out there.”


“The following posts are to show my love for my fans who waited for my Eid looks, my designer friends who put in so much effort and energy into creating these outfits and to my team who encouraged me to dress up after Eid and do this shoot for all of you,” she wrote.

“Please keep yourselves safe, please stay home. Pray that we go back into the world that we were once so ungrateful for.”

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