MUMBAI – Well-known Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai is making a set back with these two films: Gali Guleiyan and Love Sonia, with the performance of these two films Manoj has been successful to impress not just the audience but also the film critics.

While talking about his acting journey from early days of theatre to his national award-winning breakthrough on the silver screen, Manoj expressed that he doesn’t let appreciation or criticism affect him.

Upon asking about handling rejection during his struggling days, Manoj said: “I believe a dream that doesn’t let you sleep is worth living for. I do not let the opinions of others affect me. If a person praises my work, I humbly thank them and remain grounded.

He further added, “Similarly, if a person criticizes my work, I don’t take it too seriously. It is important to steer clear of feelings that depress you or bring you down. And, I do not give anyone the right to erupt these feelings in me.”

“When I started my acting career, the concept of a casting director did not exist. I would learn poems or stories and act them out for directors during their lunch hour. This constantly kept me in practice and helped me improve my skill as an actor,” shared the actor.

 The talented Bollywood actor has been entertaining the audience for 25 years in the film industry.