Shabana Azmi, veteran Bollywood actress and wife of Javed Akhtar, says marriage in Islam ‘is not made in Heaven, and that it is a contract.’

Last week, she welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling on Triple Talaq, claiming that the judgement has been ‘a victory for brave Muslim women in the country.’

Her Tweet stated:

“Marriage is not made in Heaven in Islam, it’s a contract. We need a model nikahnama in which clauses of the contract are drawn up fairly.”

What do you think guys? Do you agree or diagree??

She had to face severe backlash for her tweet, though.

Some stated that she had taken someone else’s husband, so it seems like a contract to her.

It was even written:

Poppyflower @opiumdopeyumm
 What kind of pre-medieval barbaric tribal culture does Islam promote!
12:32 PM – Aug 29, 2017

No doubt, harsh.

However, Azmi stuck to her views and didn’t respond to the haters.