Karwan-e-Ilm, a foundation that provides financial assistance poor and underprivileged young people has launched a project for counselling the youth under the title of Careerkarwan.

The website is providing counselling to students to help them in choosing the proper career.

“The progress of every nation depends on the propagation of education, providing opportunities to enhance the capabilities of the talented youth to make them useful for the progress and prosperity of the nation,” the website says.

According to Islamabad Policy Research Institution, Pakistan’s total population of 180 million comprises 60 percent of the youth, defined as people between the ages of 16 to 28. 58 percent of the youth is literate in Pakistan which means they are capable of reading and writing.

There are over 3 million students enrolled in grades 13 to 16 in Pakistan’s 1,086 degree colleges and 161 universities, according to Pakistan Higher Education Commission report for 2013-14. Every year various new subjects are introduced in universities. The latest disciplines include International Relations, city and regional planning, environmental sciences, Library and information sciences, Gender and developmental studies.

“The KIF believes strongly that encouragement, proper guidance and financial assistance of the talent will provide a strong foundation for a better Pakistan. Thus it is our national duty to provide financial assistance for higher education to these students confronting unfavourable circumstances.”

The majority of the students who pass intermediate exams and step on the most crucial position of their life find themselves in quandary as to what path they want to pursue. According to psychologists, young people often tend to make an irrational, short-sighted and emotional choice.

The addition of numerous latest fields of Natural Sciences and Social sciences have further complicated matters. There is no proper mechanism to introduce the students with various subjects. The young students have little or no understanding of the scope of disciplines they choose. There are many cases where students have opted an unsuitable subject and ended up disappointed.

The students graduated in environmental sciences, gender and developmental studies, for instance, have very little job opportunities in Pakistan. There is a dire need of proper counselling of the students so that these advancements in the disciplines and approaches can provide maximum benefit to both the youth and Pakistan.