ISLAMABAD – Government has developed a comprehensive strategy to shift all government educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities in rural and urban areas of Islamabad on solar energy.

The education ministry has worked out the summary in collaboration with alternative energy development board. PC-1 is being prepared to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to all the government educational institutions in Islamabad. Solar panels will be installed in schools.

The electricity produced from these panels will be used by schools and at night time the electricity will be sold out to the citizens in respective surrounding areas.

Solar bank equipped with state of the art facilities will be set up in schools and electricity will be supplied for roads and streets from these banks.

There are 422 schools, 20 model colleges, 12 FG colleges and 5 universities operating in Islamabad.

This project will be launched from this year and will be completed in 2019. The survey in respect of this project will be conducted in August. In the first phase, 100 schools will be switched over to solar energy.-Online