Court dismisses bail plea of Sargodha-based man involved in child pornography

  • Saadat Amin's bail was dismissed as sufficient material was unveiled during investigation connecting him with child pornography
  • The Sargodha-based, graduate of UET Taxila was arrested in April after Norwegian embassy moved FIA during its operation against pedophiles

LAHORE – An additional sessions judge in Lahore ordered dismissal of post-arrest bail application moved by a Sargodha-based man, accused of involvement in child pornography.

After hearing arguments on bail application moved by Saadat Amin, Justice Abdul Haq dismissed it on Wednesday citing that granting bail to the petitioner would encourage others.

The two-page order categorically stated that during the course of investigations, a staggering 65,000 files of sexual pictures of minors were recovered from his premises connecting Amin with the commission of offence.

Not only that, the Federal Investigation Agency performed technical analysis on Hard Disk and Tablet seized from his possession, substantiating that Amin aka Uncle Manto was involved in making indecent videos of children aged 1-12 years.

‘Such like practice and offence not only damage the fiber of Pakistani society but also defame the country worldwide’ the order stated.

The additional sessions judge while dismissing the bail plea, sent Saadat Amin to judicial lock up.

Saadat Amin’s arrest on Charges of Child Pornography

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sprung into action against Amin in April when a complaint regarding his involvement in child pornography was lodged by Norwegian embassy in Pakistan.

The embassy told the national investigators that Scandinavian racketeers had links in Sargodha for the obnoxious crime of immoral movies.

The 45-year-old Amin was alleged of being a part of larger pedophile network and having links with a Norwegian national James Lindstrom.

Investigations revealed that Amin used to make inappropriate videos of children through different angles and then made it available to Lindstorm.

The Sargodha-based man also received payments through the Western Union and Money Gram from his client Lindstorm, who was also involved in illegal migration for further exploitation of kids arranged by his Pakistani accomplice.

Assistant Director Asif Iqbal had told leading daily Dawn that Amin confessed to selling child pornographic content online for the last few years.

‘Amin used to lure children on the pretext of imparting computer education. He even paid between Rs3,000 and Rs5,000 to the parents of the victims, saying that their children would learn computer hardware and software (skills) at his one-room rented workshop in Sargodha’ said Iqbal.

Amin was a resident of Malak Wal, Mandi Bahauddin and is a graduate of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila Campus. he moved to Sargodha where he indulged in the heinous activity.

He moved to Sargodha where he indulged in the heinous activity and as soon as Norway launched operation ‘Dark Room’ on massive scale to track the suspects behind child pornography, Amin was arrested.