ISLAMABAD – Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai paid homage to Abdul Sattar Edhi for his many unforgettable services to humanity, saying no award could match the stature of the great man.

She said she had nominated Edhi for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 as she believed he was the “most deserving person for this award.”

“Abdul Sattar Edhi’s services and sacrifices are unparalleled. He has been serving humanity irrespective of class, creed or gender,” she added.

Malala said, “He was not only loved in Pakistan but across the world. Although I had recommended him for Nobel Peace Prize but when we see his services, no award matches his stature.”

“Edhi was kind, he was noble and he was courageous. His unflinching determination could not be defeated and this he manifested through accomplishment of his mission,” she added.

“He dared all odds and continued his mission and his funeral was a glaring example of the love he had for mankind and [which] mankind had for him.”

She stated that the nation should learn from how the spirit and commitment of Abdul Sattar Edhi was powerful enough to install a country-wide network.

“He has taught us brotherhood, tolerance, piety, honesty and above all serving the humanity regardless of religion, caste and creed,” Malala said.

“His mission also carries a message for Pakistani people as if they stand united to serve their needy fellows, they will emerge as an invincible nation.”

Malala also recalled a telephonic conversation with Abdul Sattar Edhi, terming it an honor for her.

“Even today his voice resounds in my ears and I cannot forget it [for the] whole of my remaining life. He was a great person and would be remembered for ages,” she said.

Malala also urged the state to take the responsibility of the Edhi Foundation.