Miser landlord exposed by sons in Rajanpur

  • He gave only Rs35 to his wife to meet basic necessities

RAJANPUR – Greed takes a dreadful turn when it manifests itself as stinginess, and this is exactly what happened in Rajanpur where a man deprived his dependents from basic necessities of life despite having millions of rupees.

A landlord Nazeer Arain, who possesses property of millions of rupees in Rajanpur, was brought under the spotlight when his sons and wife stole Rs2.1 million hidden underground in a steel box after their frustration with their father’s stinginess.

The children took the money to a police station with a complaint that their father does not provide them even a penny despite having more than enough.

Arain can be seen in a video along with his sons before the Rajanpur DPO, only gave Rs35 only to his wife daily to make both ends meet, the children revealed, adding that he never gave them money to buy new clothes.

He had concealed Rs2.1 million under ground in his house, which is without gate, and used to sleep on top of the site. One day when he was not at home, his sons took off with his money to expose his behavior.

After hearing the story from father and his sons, the DPO was unable to lodge an FIR but was worried about the safety of the money as the old man did not have any bank account.

Later, the DPO handed over the money to the close-fisted old man and assigned task to a SHO to go with him to put the money at any of his relative’s house to ensure the safety.