KARACHI – A four-month-old infant from Pakistan who just returned from India after successful heart surgery, passed away due to dehydration on Sunday.

Rohaan, who was treated in India in June owing to complex heart ailments after his father enlisted the help of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, returned home in July but unfortunately died of dehydration.

Rohaan’s father announced the death of his baby saying: Rohan passed away to a better place.

Kanwal Siddiq also thanked the government as well as the people of India.

Rohaan had a hole in his heart and a condition where the nerves of the heart and lung come from opposite directions, resulting in oxygen-poor blood being circulated in the body.

Due to the condition, Rohaan was unable to breathe properly.

He was taken to India for surgery as it could not be performed in Pakistan.

The visa was issued after the boy’s father made a desperate appeal to Sushma Swaraj on social media to allow his son to be treated in India for the ailment.

The Indian external affairs minister had responded by promising to issue the visa saying, “No. The child will not suffer. Please contact Indian High Commission in Pakistan. We will give the medical visa.”