Local News

ATTOCK (News Desk) – Following the Peshawar City Government’s announcement to pay Rs25 prize to citizens against every killed rat, several groups have tried to smuggle dead mouses to the city to get prize money.

One of such attempt was precluded near Attock, where Police officials and Taxation Department recovered 100 dead rats from a vehicle. The mouses were packed in five shopping bags and hidden in different sections of vehicle.

During the initial interrogation, driver told police that they were going to Peshawar to claim head money for the dead rats.

It is also pertinent to mentioned here that Peshawar’s residents have been asked to dump the rats at specific points reserved in all four towns across the city and also claim their bounty from there forthwith. The district administration has also directed the authorities concerned to distribute rat-killing poison among the residents.

The Peshawar Cantonment Board had also announced Rs300 prize for killing one rat.