LAHORE (Staff Report) – Private School Associations announced the end of its strike against the Punjab Education Authority Bill passed by the provincial assembly a week ago.

Addressing the press conference on Wednesday, All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) President Kashif Mirza announced the decision to end two days strike and requested the school owners to open their institutions on tomorrow (Thursday).

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The assurance given to us by the Governor Punjab to resolve issues is enough to make us call off the strike, he said.

However, Mirza added if our demands not met in one week, we would go for strike for indefinite period of time.

Earlier, Private schools in Punjab remained closed on Tuesday and Wednesday as their owners demanded that the government should not regulate their annual increase in school fee.

The Education Authority Bill, a law passed in the Punjab Assembly on February 27, allows only a 5 percent increase in school fee annually. The law also limits admission fee deposited to schools to a maximum of the monthly tuition fee. Violation of the law can result in fine up to Rs 2 million.