LONDON (Web Desk) – A shocking leaked phone call of MQM leader Babur Ghauri has surfaced in which the leader apologised to MQM supremo Altaf Hussain for saying “Pakistan Zindabad”.

According to the details, Babur tweeted “Pakistan Zindabad” soon after a group of alleged MQM workers stormed into a media house in Karachi.

Reflecting to this, the MQM chairman Altaf Hussain reportedly snubbed him for saying “Pakistan Zindabad”.

Although the MQM member refutes any such apology but a phone call fully vindicates that he himself urged Altaf Hussain to forgive him for pro-Pakistan slogan.

Talking to a local television, the ex-minister expressed that he did not tender apology for saying “Pakistan Zindabad”.

He went on to claim that all the MQM members take permission before tweeting something and he begged apology for not taking permission before tweeting and it had nothing to do with “Pakistan Zindabad”.

The (Reported) phone call is as under: