LAHORE – Punjab’s provincial capital Lahore amazes visitors and locals with its enthralling beauty and captivating amenities and it offers a diverse range of activities from entertainment to education to ones who pursue it.

Let’s have a look at ten most interesting things which this city offers as per Lamudi’s assessment:

Lahore is the city of gardens. Parks are sanctuaries for Lahorians. They are a place where young and old, rich and poor enjoy time with family away for the hustle and bustle of the hectic city. As urbanisation takes the city by storm, along with sudden gentrification and the construction of gated communities for the well to do: parks are the last refuge for the average man. The wonderful Mughal-era Shalimar Gardens, the Bagh-e-Jinnah and its botanical gardens and the city zoo are jam packed every weekend.

Lahore is spontaneous. The residents of Lahore are famed for their lust for life and their free spirits. It is common to see locals sporadically dancing on the street or breaking into a traditional ballad. Nicknamed the people whose hearts are alive; this can be observed everyday in the city where Pakistan’s Islamic identity was born. 16144205_1137782726339528_440540354_n

Lahore is safe. City dwellers in Lahore are proud of their comparatively better safety record than any other city in Pakistan. The government puts a high priority on the tourism sector and any threat to its reputation as a safe holiday destination is treated with urgency.

Food lovers paradise. Lahore has long been considered the gastronomical capital of Pakistan and offers a vast selection of traditional dishes inspired by Mughal kitchens and influenced by ethnic Punjabis. Lahore is where ghee became popular long before it ended up in your local supermarket. Whether it is the never-ending supply of naan or the nan khatai from the local bakery, you will never go hungry in Lahore.

Lahore is cheap. Luckily for Lahorians, according to the average cost of living Lahore is cheaper than Karachi and Islamabad; for everything from food to property.

Lahore is better for buying property. Lahore has a love affair with houses. In 2015, the Lamudi research revealed that the vast majority of homeseekers search for houses as opposed to apartments that are more popular in Karachi. This translates into a great selection of high quality homes for those looking to move to the city of houses.


Lahore has famous architecture. Visitors come in their droves to see the unique buildings in Lahore. An impressive example is the Badshahi Mosque one of the oldest and most magnificent mosques in Pakistan.

Take the Metrobus. The most convenient way to get around in Lahore is on the bus with dozens of other people squeezed into every nook and cranny. This is an ideal way to take in the sight of the salubrious city. Our tip is the get a seat next to the window or in the women’s section by the driver. The elevated bus tracks provide a bird’s eye view of the passing sights.

Eat bhatooray. This deep-fried flatbread served as an accompaniment to a spicy chickpea curry is a local favourite and if you move to Lahore you will eat a lot of this. It is the very essence of comfort eating and is good at any time of day.

Enjoy the finest ice cream. The original stomping ground for quality ice cream since the 1970s is Chaman. Their fruit flavoured ice cream still draws in the crowds looking to cool their pallet on a hot summer’s day or after one of the city’s many spicy dishes.

But Lahore is not just limited to ten interesting things, there’s lot more that this city offers.