The amazing journey of the Packed with Entertainment concert tour that went across Pakistan from the city of lights to the city of gardens, from the capital to the liveliest city. With entertaining thousands of fans across the country Honor Pakistan has gathered some amazing memories as every concert had made its mark.

The night fully packed with entertainment took place in Faisalabad at Chenab Club this week where the music icon and the youth ambassador of Honor Pakistan Asim Azhar lighted up the night with his energetic performance. His soulful voice tugged everyone heartstrings. The audience embraced the Honor’s Youth Ambassador Asim Azhar with open arms by roaring and chanting his name through-out and singing along with him.

Honor Pakistan always makes sure to keep everything perfect, down from the sound system to the stage to make it a grand event. The amazing journey does not end here, Honor Pakistan will be going towards Multan for its next power packed entertaining eve. Stay connected to Honor Pakistan’s page for latest updates.

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