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Findings of a research study that continued for decades has revealed that physical appearance, hormones, psychological behaviour and several other factors actually determine that who will you fall for – or who will fall in love with you.

There are at least twelve psychological reasons that define the possibility of any other person falling in love with you. You can take a guideline from the bellow given factors.

1- If you look like him/her

The study has confirmed that level of similarity in terms of looks in two persons maximises their chances to fall for each other.

2- If you are a boy and look like her father

The study claimed that people feel more attracted towards people who look like their opposite gender parent.

3- If you smell good

This is something mainly controlled by the hormones. Women tend to like those men a little more who according to them smell good from their shirts.

4- If you keep your hands open while talking

Somebody may easily start liking you have tendency to give positive body gestures while talking. Keeping your hands open is one of them.

5- If you see in each other’s eyes for at least two minutes

The claim has been confirmed on scientific grounds. Those people who can continue their eye-contact for two minutes have greater chances of falling for each other.

6- If you order something ‘hot’ while eating

The persons who order hot beverages are liked by opponent gender a little more compared to those who order something cold.

7- If you have a pet dog

Owning a pet dog gives the opposite gender a signal that you are a caring personality, and hence there chances that they would like you.

8- If she/he is less or equally attractive like you

People tend to be with someone who is more attractive than them or at least he/she has body features like them.

9- If you undergo some facial treatment

People tend to like more if you take some procedures to improve your facial looks.

10- If you play music

Naturally people start like the opponent gander person who can play misc well.

11- If you wear ‘red’

People who wear red colour are found to be fortunate in finding ‘someone’ quickly than others wearing any other colours.

12- If you have grown beard 

Women tend to like those men more who have grown beards as compared to those having shaved faces.

The article originally appeared at Independent.