LONDON (Web Desk) – Talk about periods and every nation round the world has its superstitions and stigmas, which result in shaming women and questioning her free movement during ‘that time of the month’.P1But this remarkable woman from London just crushed all taboos by completing a marathon, on day one of her period, without a sanitary pad or a tampon.

Kiran Gandhi, a Harvard University graduate and drummer, decided to run 26.2 miles despite having her periods.


Training for the marathon for over a year, Kiran started menstruating a night before the marathon, but she chose to ‘bleed freely and just run.’

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Kiran ran and completed the marathon with two of her closest friends, while her father and brother cheered in support.

Hugging my dad at the mile 18 cheer point!!!!

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By running the marathon on her periods, Kiran has made a strong statement against the taboo attached with this natural phenomenon.